What is an Educator Path?

Facing History and Ourselves has created an online tool that allows educators in our network to easily gather a customized collection of our online resources for their students, colleagues, or for their own planning.

Facing History paths allow you to pick and choose only those resources—readings, video clips, primary source documents, blog posts—that fit the specific content you are teaching. You can also include links from any other website. Paths can be used for different purposes and you may create as many different paths as you wish. You might create paths for your curricular planning or as assignments for students. You may gather resources to share with your colleagues. You may choose to create different paths for the different subjects you teach—you may even decide to create paths for individual students. Once completed, it is simple for you, your colleagues or your students to access your path.

 [ Creating new paths is temporarily suspended ]

Looking for Paths you have already created? Please view them on the My Paths tab in your Profile. Please note that while we have attempted to migrate all of your links over to our new site some of the links may have broken in the Paths you created previously.