Coming of Age in a Complex World

A Facing History ELA Featured Collection

Developed for grades 8–11, adaptable to younger and older students, this modular program integrates culturally responsive teaching practices, social-emotional learning, and civic education to create authentic and engaging learning experiences.

Invite your students to explore the complexity of identity, process texts through a critical and ethical lens, and develop a sense of agency as they reflect on what it means to come of age.

Explore the Coming of Age Featured Collection

Choose from these resources to create a coming-of-age unit that meets your goals and the needs of your students.

Back to School Toolkit

Strategies and activities to establish and cultivate a brave and reflective classroom community.

Identity and Storytelling Text Set

Introduces or supplements a coming-of-age unit centered on a single title or book clubs.

Unit Planning Toolkit

Offers a framework, student learning experiences, and resources to design a coming-of-age unit for any title.

Brown Girl Dreaming Unit

Provides weekly comprehension questions, assessments, and more. For more information, see pp. 44–82 of our Exploring Identity and Community Curriculum Outline.

Book Club Guide

Supports reading multiple coming-of-age texts in small groups.

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Everything you need to get started teaching your students about racism, antisemitism and prejudice.