February 2021: Honoring Black Agency & Black Joy

This February, schools across the country recognize “Black History Month” with lessons, activities, and events meant to spotlight important figures in Black history and milestone events in the trajectory of Black life in America. 

Here at Facing History, we know that Black history is central to all of American history, and should be part of a robust teaching curriculum year-round. Alongside the lessons of Black history, it’s also critical to honor the resilience, creativity, and vitality of Black people in the face of inequity and violence, past and present. That’s why, this year, we’re celebrating Black History Month by honoring the themes of Black Agency & Black Joy.

Stay tuned this month as we share an array of teaching resources and blog posts designed to promote innovative instruction and reflection on these topics and help you strengthen your Black history curriculum for February and beyond.

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View Engaging in Antiracism Work: During Black History Month and Beyond, an interactive webinar where we explore the importance of taking a more antiracist approach to celebrating Black achievement throughout the year.




Black Educators Speak

Learn how Black educators past and present have navigated the call to teach and the complexity of doing so while Black.

Go Deeper with Your Professional Learning: Join Our Self-Paced Workshop

This self-paced online workshop will introduce you to the Choices in Little Rock unit, a resource that investigates the choices made by the Little Rock Nine and others in the Little Rock community during the civil rights movement.

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