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This map illustrates three prevailing aspects of the 1915 Armenian Genocide: the deportations, the massacres, and the concentration camps. The deportations affected the majority of Armenians in the Turkish Empire. From as far north as the Black Sea and as far west as European Turkey, Armenians were forcibly removed to the Syrian desert. From the onset the deportations were marked by atrocities. As this map demonstrates, the total effect of the policies of the Turkish government was the mass destruction of the Armenian people.

The links below are suggested for teachers who would like to continue their education and gain additional insight on the history of the Armenian Genocide.

20 Voices is a website that provides an introduction to the history of the Armenian Genocide, and tells the stories of 20 survivors of the 1915 genocide. 

Armenian National Institute is an organization dedicated to the study, research, and documentaion of the Armenian Genocide. The website contains historical documents, photo collections, and publications that educate and document the Armenian Genocide.

The Genocide Education Project offers a website that contains a resource library for secondary school teachers on the topic of the Armenian Genocide.

Project SAVE Armenian Photograph Archives collects, documents, and preserves photos of Armenians and Armenian heritage.

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