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Facing History's resources will help you meet the following MA state standards: 

Topic 4: The Great Wars 1914-1945

Topic 5: The Cold War Era 1945-1991

  • Digital Book: Confronting Apartheid

    Digital book examines the complicated history and lasting legacy of apartheid in South Africa.

  • Study Guide: Teaching Red Scarf Girl

    Explores themes of conformity, obedience, and prejudice through Ji-li Jiang’s memoir set during the Cultural Revolution in China.

Topic 7: The Politics of Difference: Conflicts, Genocide, and Terrorism

  • Video: Everyone Has a Story

    Arn Chorn-Pond tells his story as a refugee from the Cambodian Genocide.

  • Individual Lesson: The Roots and Impact of Antisemitism

    Looks at how anti-Judaism developed into antisemitism in the 19th century and considers the present-day implications of longstanding patterns of discrimination and violence against Jews.

  • Individual Lesson: The Persistence of Hate

    Presents a case study of the persistence of antisemitism in the contemporary United States.

  • Individual Lesson: Responding to the Rohingya Crisis

    Places this ongoing crisis in historical context, with footage from a refugee camp and survivor testimony.

  • Reading with Connection Questions: Why Don't People Act/Save the Darfur Puppy

    Reporter Nicholas Kristof explains how he applied his knowledge of the psychology of compassion when writing about the genocide in Darfur.

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