Preparing Your Classroom for Conversations about Antisemitism

Antisemitism in Canada Part 1

Preparing Your Classroom for Conversations about Antisemitism

This series of three webinars will provide support for educators to examine historical cases of antisemitism in Canada, while making connections to current events. The first seminar will set the framework for discussing sensitive topics in a safe and reflective classroom. The series will examine examples of division and intolerance, as well as powerful cases of individuals and communities working together and standing up to antisemitism.  


Introducing your students to sensitive subjects such as historical and contemporary antisemitism requires a safe and reflective space. Join us as we model pedagogical approaches and tools that are central to creating a safe and reflective classroom. You will leave with concrete strategies you can use to engage your class when discussing cases of antisemitism, as well as other difficult issues.


In this webinar, you will gain teaching strategies that:

  • Encourage active, engaged listening
  • Foster student reflection



This webinar will take place 4:30–5:30 PM EST


Please join us for the other webinars in this series:


3/19/19: None Is Too Many: Antisemitism in Canada’s Past

4/11/19: Teaching about Contemporary Antisemitism in Canada


4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
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