Preparing for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018: The Life of Irena Sendler

Preparing for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018

Preparing for Holocaust Memorial Day 2018: The Life of Irena Sendler

Come join us on 10 January from 5 - 6 p.m. GMT for a webinar that will give you ideas, inspiration, and resources to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. We will provide you with practical materials that can be used directly in the classroom to support your students’ intellectual and emotional engagement with the Holocaust. This workshop will be run using our online platform and full log-in details will be sent when you register.


During the hour-long programme  hosted by Facing History in conjunction with Learning from the Righteous, a Holocaust education charity, we will:

•    Use the life story of Polish social worker Irena Sendler, who led a network of women saving Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto, to bring experiences of rescue to life in the classroom.

•    Frame Sendler’s life story using Facing History’s journey of learning, highlighting the significance of identity, empathy, and an individual’s choice to act.

•    Encourage students to think about rescue and resistance and the consequences of action.


You will receive:

•    The presentation slides

•    Downloadable Learning from the Righteous classroom materials

•    An overview of our resource, Holocaust and Human Behaviour, with particular focus on stories of rescue and resistance


 Sign up today. We look forward to welcoming you!  


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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