Meet Up for Partner School Educators in Jewish Settings

December 13, 2021
Jewish Education Partner School Meet Up

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Meet Up for Partner School Educators in Jewish Settings

This regular meet-up is a networking and learning opportunity designed for educators in Facing History’s Jewish Education partner schools.

Join us as we discuss shared questions, challenges and dilemmas with a network of Facing History educators. Together we will explore how to make a particular subject or curriculum effective and meaningful for your students as we navigate today’s challenges.

In this one hour meetup you will:

  • Connect with Facing History’s Jewish Education Team and educators from other Jewish settings;
  • Explore the latest Facing History resources including ELA Coming of Age and Teaching for Equity and Justice
  • Continue to plan your year in response to the impact of Covid on our students

This workshop will be held via Zoom. Details for joining the Zoom meeting will be shared by email prior to the event.

Online via Zoom
December 13, 2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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