Then They Came for Me: The Legacy of Japanese American Incarceration 1947 to the Present

April 27, 2019
Then They Came for Me

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Then They Came for Me: The Legacy of Japanese American Incarceration 1947 to the Present

Join the National Japanese American Historical Society, the Fred T. Korematsu Institute, and Facing History and Ourselves for a workshop that provides a backdrop to the special exhibition Then They Came for Me: Incarceration of Japanese Americans during WWII and the Demise of Civil Liberties ( The exhibition examines a terrifying time in U.S. history when the federal government scapegoated and indefinitely detained 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry, and draws parallels to tactics chillingly resurgent today. This workshop provides greater historical and cultural context to the exhibition and invites inquiry into this dark chapter in American history.  What was the chronology that led to the decision to forcibly remove Japanese Americans, two-thirds of whom were American citizens, from the West Coast? How did Japanese Americans respond to the violation of their civil liberties?  And what, as a nation, have we learned that can help us address the present-day issues of immigration, racism, and mass incarceration? 

This workshop is appropriate for those teaching in grades 4-12. 

Workshop participants will receive:

  • A $50 honorarium for each workshop.
  • Support for a class study trip to the exhibit Then They Came for Me
  • Teacher curriculum, resources, and strategies of guiding student inquiry and discussion
  • Continental breakfast and light lunch


Applications for the Then They Came for Me workshop will be accepted through April 23 or until capacity is reached.  Space is limited. 

Please contact Melissa Bailey at [email protected] to register!


For information contact Grace Morizawa

Email:  [email protected]

Call: 510 289 1285

Military Intelligence Service (MIS) Historical Learning Center
640 Mason St., The Presidio
San Francisco, CA 94129
April 27, 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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