Choices in Little Rock: An Approach to Teaching the Civil Rights Movement

Choices in Little Rock

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Choices in Little Rock: An Approach to Teaching the Civil Rights Movement

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In 1957, nine black teenagers faced the threats of angry mobs when they attempted to enter Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The desegregation of Central High following Brown v. Board of Education ignited a crisis historian Taylor Branch describes as “the most severe test of the Constitution since the Civil War.” Facing History’s unit explores civic choices—the decisions people, including young people, make as citizens in a democracy. Those decisions, both then and now, reveal  that democracy is not a product but a work in progress, a work that is shaped by the choices that we make about ourselves and others.

In this three-day workshop, teachers will:

  • Learn current scholarship on the history of the civil rights movement through a case study method that focuses on human behavior and decision making
  • Increase their ability to facilitate respectful classroom discussions on difficult issues such as race and racism, ethics, and justice in a way that invites personal reflection and critical analysis
  • Discover new teaching strategies that help students interrogate text, think critically, and discuss controversial issues respectfully
  • Explore Jackson’s Civil Rights Museum to see interactive exhibits, engaging artifacts, and hear stories from people who fought for civil rights in Mississippi

This workshop is designed for 6th – 12th grade social studies and ELA teachers in Mississippi Public Schools.  Participants will receive a copy of the Choices in Little Rock curriculum.

CEUs will be offered at the expense of the participant


Rankin County School District
200 School Rd
Brandon, MS 39042
7.17.18 - 7.18.18
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

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