Into the Evidence Room: (Arti)facts, Testimony, and Holocaust Denial

Into the Evidence Room

Into the Evidence Room: (Arti)facts, Testimony, and Holocaust Denial

The greatest crime ever committed by architects

— Dr. Robert Jan van Pelt, exhibition principal and  professor, University of Waterloo School of Architecture  


The Evidence Room” is a powerful installation that reconstructs key objects used in the forensic analysis of the architecture of Auschwitz. Historian Robert Jan van Pelt introduced the objects as evidence in a court case to demonstrate that Auschwitz was purposefully designed as a death camp.


In partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum, this workshop invites high school teachers to experience the exhibition,“The Evidence Room”, with an introduction and tour led by historian Robert Jan van Pelt. Educators will explore connections to ROM permanent collections and historical artifacts of the Third Reich and the Holocaust in the hands-on lab, and examine the human connections that give meaning to the objects in the Evidence Room.


In this workshop, you will:

  • Experience an exhibition that shows undeniable forensic architectural evidence that the Nazis designed and carried out the murder of over one million Jews at Auschwitz-Birkenau during the Holocaust.

  • Identify connections for Grade 10 Canadian History and Grade 12 World History Teachers to ROM permanent collections and touch authentic objects in the hands-on lab.

  • Discover teaching strategies and resources to prepare your students before and debrief your students after entering the Evidence Room.


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Royal Ontario Museum
Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queen's Park
Toronto, ON M4S 2C6
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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