Creating the Momentum for Social Change

April 11, 2019
Creating the Momentum for Social Change

Since 1997, the Facing History and Ourselves Student Leadership Program has brought together students from public, charter, independent, and religious schools to explore what it means to be an upstander in their schools and community. Those student leaders take these lessons to their campuses and collaborate with each other at teach-ins where the students, parents, teachers, and wider community experience first-hand an inspiring evening about how our choices can create a better future.

Creating the Momentum for Social Change

Join us for a Community Teach-In facilitated by Facing History student leaders from 16 local high schools

In today’s world youth are galvanizing themselves to be upstanders for social change, but how do people learn what strategies to use when confronted by injustice?

In this community teach-in, Facing History Student Leaders will facilitate group discussions focusing on the Freedom Riders’ choice to use nonviolent direct action as a tool for social change.The Freedom Riders were a diverse group of young people who, in 1961, took brave and deliberate actions to dismantle the structures of discrimination—specifically segregated interstate bus travel—through nonviolence.

Drawing on lessons from history and today, participants will have the opportunity to assess non-violent direct action strategies and discuss what it means to achieve justice.

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East T-Stem Academy
3225 Walnut Grove Rd
Memphis, TN 38111
United States
April 11, 2019
5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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