Facing Ferguson: News Literacy in a Digital Age

Facing Ferguson: News Literacy in a Digital Age
New York

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Facing Ferguson: News Literacy in a Digital Age

What is the role of journalism in a democratic society, and how can we become responsible consumers and producers of news and information in the digital age?

This course will explore this question using case studies pulled from the headlines. We’ll use a new unit, “Facing Ferguson: News Literacy in a Digital Age,” co-created by Facing History and Ourselves and the News Literacy Project, which closely examines the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

Participants will:

  • Investigate the choices and challenges facing journalists as they report on a story, including the importance of verification, sourcing, and other journalistic practices and standards.
  • Understand the role that confirmation bias, stereotyping, and other cognitive biases play in how we interpret events, news, and information.
  • Explore the impact of social media on the traditional news cycle, and understand the role it can play in influencing public opinion and the press.
  • Develop critical thinking and news literacy skills to help students find reliable information to make decisions, take action, and responsibly share news through social media.
  • Consider their role as citizens in a democracy and their responsibilities as civic participants and citizen watchdogs.

This is a hybrid course that will require independent readings online, blog responses, and film clip viewings prior to Saturday's workshop. Details on this requirement will be emailed to course registrants by mid-January.


All participants are eligible for 12 hours of professional development toward New York State's Continuing Teacher and Leader Education Requirements. Contact the Scarsdale Teachers Institute about salary credit or participation certificates for your home district.


Click here to register The cost of the workshop is $75

Scarsdale High School
1057 Post Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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