2018 Summit on School Culture - And Then They Came For Us

2018 Summit on School Culture

This screening is part of our annual Summit on School Culture, where Facing History students, parents, educators and administrators from middle and high schools across Los Angeles, come together to help create a school culture rooted in empathy and respect.

Presented by Facing History and Ourselves and The Allstate Foundation

2018 Summit on School Culture - And Then They Came For Us

And Then They Came For Us brings history into the present, linking the dehumanization of Japanese Americans during World War II with dehumanization today. Following Japanese American activists as they speak out against the proposed Muslim registry and travel ban, the film will catalyze discussions about the roles we can each play in our communities.

After the film, Steve Becton, Facing History’s Program Director for Equity and Inclusion, will facilitate a panel discussion featuring Sam Mihara, who was imprisoned in an internment camp during World War II, along with Sahar Pirzada and traci ishigo, co-founders of Vigilant Love, a solidarity community against violence and Islamophobia.

Following the pannel discussion, conversations will be held in smaller groups designed to facilitate cross-school engagement. Student and adult leaders from 20 middle and high schools in partnership with Facing History will continue to meet in the afternoon to develop action plans for creating an inclusive culture at their own school.

Social Justice Leadership Academy: Esteban Torres High School
4211 Dozier Street
Los Angeles, CA 90063
United States
8:30 am - 11:00 am

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