Etty: The Power of Hope in Extreme Circumstances

Performance of Etty

Photo by Ricardo Barros

Etty: The Power of Hope in Extreme Circumstances

As part of our Student Leadership Project with the John Lyon's Charity, we are organising a special performance of Etty, Susan Stein’s one-woman play based on the diaries and letters of Etty Hillesum. The performance will be followed by a group discussion on the contemporary relevance of her story.

Esther "Etty" Hillesum, a young Dutch Jewish woman living in Amsterdam, begins a diary on 8 March 1941. As deportations begin, she digs deeper into her soul to understand this piece of history and root out any hatred or bitterness. Etty's words, insights, and beliefs reach out from the Holocaust and allow us to see the power of hope in the most extreme circumstances.  

Facing History and Ourselves is an international professional development organisation, founded in 1976, working to prevent violence and protect democracy. We train teachers to enable their students to examine the moral choices faced by people at key moments in history and make essential connections to their lives today. We foster responsible student agency to participate to create a more civil, peaceful, and just society.

Facing History runs a special Student Leadership Project, supported by the John Lyon’s Charity, for schools in central and north west London. We invite all schools in the area to get involved in the project. During the course of the evening you will hear more about this work and how your school can participate.

For more information about Etty, the play or Etty Hillesum, please visit:

Camden People’s Theatre
58 - 60 Hampstead Road
United Kingdom
5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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