How to Use

How to Use the Ostracism Case Study

The Ostracism Case Study has been used in a variety of different settings with different audiences. It provides a structure for rich discussions on bullying and ostracism, regardless of whether the audience is comprised of teachers, students, administrators, parents, or a combination of groups. 

  1. Pre-work Activity Suggestions
    Before your students explore the case study, you may want to try one or more short activities that introduce key themes and help develop a common language for discussions about bullying and ostracism.
  2. Presenting the Case Study [ SECTION TO COME]
    In this section, we will provide suggestions on ways you might present the case study in different settings, understanding there is a wide range of levels of access to technology. The pre-work activities and the case study, itself, can be presented using any of a variety of teaching strategies, and the content is applicable to any audience, whether students or adult-learners. 
  3. Debriefing the Case Study [SECTION TO COME]
    This section provides discussion and journal prompts for debriefing the material. Although there are questions that are applicable across all audiences, some of the questions are relevant to only certain groups.


Supporting Materials:
Click here to open, or right-click to download, a PDF that includes the description and transcripts of the interviews with students and the teacher.

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