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Student Activities: Teaching about the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

Student Activities: Teaching about the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis

These slides contain student-facing instructions for the activities in the Teaching Idea “Teaching about the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis.” Through these activities, students explore the experiences of Ukrainian refugees, the inspiring ways governments and individuals have stepped up to help, and ethical questions about the treatment of refugees from non-European countries.

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Student Activities: Ukraine: Discussing the War and Refugee Crisis with Students

These student-facing slides lead students through activities that help them process how they are feeling about this devastating war, develop media literacy in what news they consume and how, and consider the experiences of Ukrainians forced to flee the war and ethical questions about the treatment of refugees in Europe.

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People’s and Government’s Choices to Help Refugees

Excerpts from DW and NPR shed light on how individuals and governments are thinking about their responsibility to help Ukrainian refugees and non-European refugees.


Miriam Korber's Diary Entry on Life in Transnistria, December 26, 1941

Entry from the diary of Miriam Korber from December 26, 1941, in which she records the misery surrounding her in Transnistria during the Holocaust.

Friday, December 26, 1941


Read and Reflect: Hope and Despair

Students compare the ways that three young people experienced and wrote about their emotional states in the face of Nazi oppression.

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