Salvaged Pages

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This is the first edition of Salvaged Pages. The second edition enhanced ebook will be published by Yale University Press in December 2015.

Yale University Press, Edited by Alexandra Zapruder

A collection of diaries written by young people, ages 12 to 22, during the Holocaust. Some of the writers were refugees, others were hiding or passing as non-Jews, some were imprisoned in ghettos, and nearly all perished before liberation. Facing History and Ourselves has published a study guide to accompany this book. In addition, the film I’m Still Here is a video companion to the anthology, which educators can stream from our collection.

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Alice Ehrmann's Diary Entries on the End of World War II in Theresienstadt

Entries from the diary of Alice Ehrmann from March and April, 1945, in which she describes the events that took place in the Theresienstadt ghetto as World War II was coming to an end.

March 25, 1945


Diary Entries on Deportations from the Łódź Ghetto

Entries from the diary of an anonymous girl from 1942 that mention deportations from the Łódź ghetto.

Many of the diary entries of the Anonymous Girl mention deportations.

Friday, February 24 [actually February 27], 1942


Eva Ginzová's Diary Entry on Her Brother Petr, April 14, 1947

An entry from the diary of Eva Ginzová from April 14, 1947, in which she states that her brother Petr has not returned home after the Holocaust.

April 14, 1947

Petr hasn’t come back.1


The Jewish Ghettos: Separated from the World

Read diary entries from a girl who lived in the Łódź ghetto, and learn the history of Jewish ghettos in Poland.

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