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Partisans of Vilna


130 minutes
Source: Facets

This documentary recounts the untold tale of the Jewish resistance during World War II, and the moral dilemmas facing the Jewish youth who organized an underground resistance in the Vilna ghetto. The film features 40 interviews with the former partisans in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English, interspersed with rare archival footage.

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FPO Calls for Revolt in Vilna

Read the United Partisan Organization’s call for the Jews of Vilna to take armed resistance against the Nazis.

Pre-war Jewish Life

Three Generations of a Jewish Family, Vilnius, Lithuania

Three generations of a Jewish family in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, in 1938 or 1939. In the eighteenth century, Vilnius (Vilna in Yiddish) was a center of Jewish learning. By the 1920s and 1930s roughly a half of the city’s inhabitants were Jews.


Samuel Bak: Painter of Questions

This documentary explores Samuel Bak’s work and life through the lens of his childhood experiences in Vilna, where he was interned with his parents during the Holocaust.


Ilya Gerber's Diary Entry on Rumors in the Vilna Ghetto, October 19, 1942

Entry from the diary of Ilya Gerber from October 19, 1942, in which he describes the spread of rumors in the Vilna ghetto.

October 19, 1942

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