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Hoxie: The First Stand

Streaming Video

56 minutes
Source: California Newsreel

This documentary tells the story of one of the earliest, most important, and least remembered school integration battles in the South. In the summer of 1955, the school board of a small, rural Arkansas town voluntarily desegregated its schools. The newly formed White Citizens' Council saw this as a test for southern resistance to the Supreme Court's desegregation decision in Brown v. the Board of Education and soon descended on the town. However, the school board held its ground. Eventually, they drew an extremely reluctant federal government into a case that nullified state segregation laws. Segregationist leaders were so furious over the loss that they turned on Governor Faubus in the next primary, forcing him out of his previous moderate stance and setting up the 1957 confrontation in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Race in US History
Civil Rights Movement

Hoxie: The First Stand

This film tells the story of the school integration battle in Hoxie, Arkansas.


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Julius Lester describes finding his identity in an unexpected place as an African American teenager living in the segregated South (Spanish available).


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Race in US History
Civil Rights Movement

Choices in Little Rock Unit Outline for Teachers

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