Genocide and Eliminationism: A Study Guide to Accompany the Film WORSE THAN WAR

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This guide has been produced to accompany Daniel Jonah Goldhagen and Mike DeWitt’s film Worse than War. At the core of the film is a chilling fact: “All told,” says Goldhagen in the film, “in [the last 100 years], there have been more than 100 million innocent victims of genocide—more than all the combat deaths in all the wars fought during that time everywhere in the world.”

In order to understand and confront this unsettling truth, Goldhagen—a genocide expert and author—proposes a series of probing questions: Why do killers kill? What is the role of leaders in instigating and in carrying out genocidal acts? Why do the international community and the United Nations fail to intervene to stop such violence? And, what can be done to prevent future genocides? Using excerpts from the film, primary sources, and reflective questions, this guide is designed to help educators in tackling these and other complex issues in their classrooms. It is also intended to encourage students to empathize with the victims of genocide and engage them in the moral and political debates surrounding these questions.


  • Introduction by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, author of Worse than War: Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity.
  • 5 maps featuring each of the regions discussed in the guide.>
  • List of additional resources where educators and other readers may find additional and background information on topics covered by the film and guide.
  • Film time codes and selected film excerpts for educators to accompany each section of the guide.

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