The Diary of Anne Frank


100 minutes
Source: PBS Video

For Jewish teenager Anne Frank (Ellie Kendrick), her diary is her one true friend and confidant. In it, she records the thoughts of a typical teen — only set against a backdrop of encroaching evil in Amsterdam during World War II. Stowed away behind a bookcase in a secret annex with her family and others to flee the Nazis, Anne experiences her time in hiding as an adventure. And, amidst closed quarters and random bomb blasts, Anne faces friction with family, a desire for independence, and the first stirrings of young love. As Anne's identity solidifies, so does her resolve to be a writer — her diary a tangible and remarkable record of a young woman's first-hand observations of the Holocaust, and the innate goodness she still sees in people. Drawing on Anne Frank's own words in the most accurate-ever adaptation of the revered memoir, Masterpiece presented The Diary of Anne Frank on Holocaust Remembrance Day, 2010.

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