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96 minutes
Source: HBO Films

In January 1942, as the United States enters World War II, a conference assembles near Berlin. SS Gen. Heydrich and his associate, Lt. Eichmann, call the meeting to discuss the "evacuation" of Germany's Jews and other undesirables, a code word for their extermination in concentration camps. To begin this Final Solution, they must change the mind of a small group of men opposed to the idea, led by Chancellor Kritzinger.

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Nazi Party Officials, Hitler Youth members, and Labor Service Leaders Take an Oath of Loyalty

In Berlin, thousands of Nazi Party officials, Hitler Youth members, and Labor Service leaders take an oath of loyalty to Adolf Hitler. The oath was read by Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy, in Munich and broadcast across Germany. Berlin, Germany, February 25, 1934.


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A window destroyed in a Jewish owned business. Berlin, Germany, November 1938.


Hitler Youth on Parade in the Lustgarten, Berlin

Hitler Youth are on parade in the Lustgarten, Berlin in 1933.


Hitler Youth March, Berlin, 1938

Adolf Hitler, saluting on the balcony, watches as members of the Hitler Youth march in Berlin, Germany on September 24, 1938.

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