Blessed is the Match


49 minutes
Source: Katahdin Foundation

At a time when much of the world turned a blind eye toward the Holocaust, Hannah Senesh could not stand idly by. Hannah was a Hungarian Jew who, after emigrating to Palestine, joined the British army to parachute into Europe in 1944 on a mission to save the Jews of Hungary. This documentary presents her story through interviews, eyewitness accounts, rare family photographs, and her own writings, as well as those of her mother, Catherine Senesh. It retraces Hannah's mission, reconstructs her defiant months in a Gestapo prison during the summer of 1944, and--through Hannah's diary entries and poetry--looks back on her extraordinary life and dedication.

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Blessed is the Match Study Guide

Use this guide to the documentary film Blessed is the Match to help students explore the remarkable life of Hannah Senesh, a parachute trooper who rescued Jews during the Holocaust.

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