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The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords


86 minutes
Source: California Newsreel

This film tells the story of pioneering African American journalists--both men and women--who gave voice to Black America, including John Sengstacke, Vernon Jarrett, and Charlotta Bass. From the facilitation of the migration of Southern African Americans to the cities in the North, to the recording of the social and political events affecting the lives of African Americans, to providing a showcase honoring African American soldiers in World War II, the 'Black Press' documented life for millions of people who were otherwise ignored.

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Track 6. Nocturne in B-flat Major, Opus 9, Number 3

Concert pianist Mona Golabek introduces “Nocturne in B-flat Major, Opus 9, Number 3.” This audio track can be used with activities and discussions found in A Teacher’s Resource to The Children of Willesden Lane on page 28.

Class set
Race & Membership/Eugenics
Race in US History

Good Enough: One Man's Memoir on the Price of a Dream

Leon Bass, a retired educator who as a young African American soldier entered Buchenwald shortly after its liberation, reflects on his life experiences fighting racism in this memoir.

Justice & Human Rights

What Are You Fighting For?

Explore how Eleanor Roosevelt worked for racial equality in the United States.

Race & Membership/Eugenics
Race in US History

The Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II

African American soldiers in WWII combated racism both in the segregated military and on the home front, and were among the first liberators to enter concentration camps.

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