Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State


6 hours on 2 DVDs or Educator's Edition on DVD-ROM
Source: PBS Video

This six-hour documentary television series commemorates the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. The series, which is co-produced by KCET/Hollywood and the BBC, draws on the close involvement of world experts, recently discovered documents, and nearly 100 interviews with camp survivors and perpetrators, many of whom are speaking on the record for the first time. Facing History and Ourselves acted as a consultant to the series and educational materials. An extensive website, containing articles, maps, interactive features, streaming video and complete teaching guides for each of the six hour-long episodes, can be found at

The Educator's Edition is a multi-media DVD-ROM including 27 video segments from the series, photographs, maps and charts, background readings, primary sources, literary extracts, and units with lesson plans. The DVD-ROM may be used on a computer, but not in a DVD player.

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