Facing History and Ourselves Staff

Executive Leadership

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Roger Brooks
President and Chief Executive Officer, Facing History and Ourselves

Anne-Marie Fitzgerald
Chief Operating Officer

Mariel Gonzales
Chief Financial Officer

Lara Jordan James
Chief Marketing Officer

Cameron Logan
Chief Technology Officer

Marc Skvirsky
Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Chris Stokes
Senior Director, Organizational Advancement

Terry Tollefson
Chief Strategy Officer

Facing History Staff


Regan Adolph
Development Coordinator, Memphis

Hepzibah Alon
Program Associate, Jewish Education

Cathy Ambrose

Eriko Amino
Office Manager, New York

Lucas Anderson
Associate IT Engineer

Dimitry Anselme
Executive Program Director for Professional Learning and Support

Christine Bariahtaris
Assistant Director, Research & Prospect Management

Megan Barney
Coordinator, Online Learning

Dennis Barr
Director of Evaluation

Karen Barss
Director of Educator Engagement

Naomi Becker
Research Assistant for Evaluation

Steve Becton
Organizational Program Director for Equity & Inclusion

Cory Behrend
Multimedia Producer for Marketing and Communications

Sara Bellin
Manager, Jewish Education

Chelsea Bilek
Development Coordinator, Chicago

Libby Blackett
Office Manager, UK

Gretchen Blake
Director of Development, Los Angeles

Lauren Boccia
Program Associate, Memphis

Judi Bohn
Special Projects Coordinator, New England

Jessica Bonanno
Director of Development, Cleveland

Farrell Boucher
Senior Director, Principal Gifts

Joe Boyd Vigil
Director of Information Technology

Daniel Braunfeld
Associate Program Director for Special Projects

Yevgeniya Bulayevskaya
Senior Director, Individual Giving Programs

Elizabeth Carroll
Associate Program Director, New England

Alijah Case
Marketing and Communications Writer

Juan Castellanos
Associate Program Director, New York

Lidy Chu
Director of Development, New York

Felicia Clotworthy
Program Associate, Chicago

Gayle Cole
Program Associate, Los Angeles

Francesca Colletti
Executive Director, New England

Jon Cramer
Senior Director of Human Resources

Allison Cunningham
Associate Director, Board & Leadership Relations

Carole Danforth
Custodial Services Coordinator

Jill Dannay
Senior Director, Development Operations

Jason David
Program Associate, Los Angeles

Shira Deener
Director, Jewish Education Program

Lauren Denizard 
Program Associate, New England

Marisa Diaz
Assistant Director, Special Events

Pamela Donaldson
Program Director, Cleveland

Jalen Douglas
Program Coordinator, New Communities Project

Lauren Dunn
Digital Content Producer

Erin Earnst
Director of Online Learning

Paige Eaton
Associate Director, Web Development

Tammy Edinger
Custodial Services Assistant

Amran Farah
Programme Administrator, UK

Nancy Englander
Director, Project Financial Operations

Lindsay Fawcett
Development Coordinator, Canada

Kevin Feinberg
Senior Program Director, New York

Alison Feldman
Director of Foundation Relations

Charles FitzGibbon
Program Associate, New England

Brian Fong
Associate Program Director, San Francisco Bay Area

Jaclyn Foster
Manager, Program Operations

Heather Frazier
Associate Program Director, Chicago

Alice Frederick
Coordinator to the Chief Development Officer

Madeleine Freundlich
Development Assistant, New England

Kathryn Gabriele
eLearning Instructional Designer

Damaris Garcia
Administrative Assistant, New York

Sunny Garcia
Program Assistant, Los Angeles

Ken Garcia-Gonzales
Program Associate, Chicago

Denise Gelb
Program Director, Chicago

Eileen Gonthier
Financial Strategy Analyst

Ashlyn Gorlin
Director of Talent Acquisition

Rachael Gottlieb 
Coordinator for New England and Program Operations

Margaret Gouthro
Office Services & Facilities Manager

Mara Gregory
Program Manager, International

Laura Greshin
Development Operations Coordinator

Carol Griffin
Associate Director, Human Resources

Nancy Griffin
Program Data Manager

Wayde Grinstead
Senior Program Associate, Chicago

Elaine Guarnieri-Nunn
Executive Director, San Francisco Bay Area 

Art Guercilena
Senior IT Engineer

Jessica Guerrieri
Development Assistant, Cleveland

Lindsay Gutierrez
Program Associate, San Francisco Bay Area

Pam Haas
Executive Director, New York

Julie Halterman
Current Events Writer

Kate Hanson
Director of Research & Prospect Management

Renee Harleston
Program Specialist, New York

Brooke Harvey
Executive Program Director, Content Strategy 

Véronique Hawkins
Office Assistant, Memphis

Erika Henderson
Associate Program Director, Regional Growth

Mary Hendra
Program Director for Los Angeles & Organizational Innovation

Arisela Hernandez
Program Associate, Los Angeles

Gabriela Hernandez Estrada
Program Associate, New York

Nikki Hertzberg
Leadership Gifts Officer, New York 

Margaret Huang
Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships

Naomi Ibasitas
Development Operations Coordinator

Mary Johnson
Senior Historian

Princess Johnson
Program Office Manager, New England

Rachel Johnson
Curriculum Developer

Sam Jones
Program Assistant, North America Project

Melodie Kala
Financial Reporting Accountant

Patricia Keenan
Director, Leadership Giving Programs, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Chrystal Koech
Assistant Director, Online Learning

Jared Kushida
Program Associate, San Francisco Bay Area

Jen Langley
Director of Marketing

Hojae Lee
Financial Controller

Lisa Lefstein-Berusch
Senior Program Associate, Cleveland & Director, Northeast Ohio Partner Schools Network

Katherine Leo
Program Associate, New York

David Levy
Director, Partner Schools Network

Kate Linker
Senior Events Manager, New York

Valerie Linson
Director of Communications

Maureen Loughnane
Executive Director, Chicago 

Nga Mai
Office Manager & Program Coordinator, San Francisco Bay Area

Austyn Marks
Development Assistant, New York

Rachel Martell
Director of Special Events

Beki Martin
Executive Director, United Kingdom

Jane MacKenzie

Bryanne Mahoney Bowen
Director of Development, New England

Phredd MatthewsWall
Senior Associate Program Director for Staff Development

Molly Matthias
Assistant Director, Events & Engagement, Chicago

Cathy McCarney

Margaret McConchie
Senior Grants Writer

Hadiya McCullough
Event & Development Manager, San Francisco Bay Area

Edward Milliken
Director, Program Operations & Regional Strategy

Mara Moore
Program & Office Coordinator, Chicago

Patricia Murillo
Senior Corporate Facilitator

Karen Murphy
Director, International Strategy

Jenny Nauss
Senior Curriculum Developer

Jeremy Nesoff
Associate Director, Staff Development

Daniel Ness
Senior Digital Archivist

Georgia Newby
Benefits Manager

Tracy O'Brien
Director, Library Services

Catherine O'Keefe
Associate Director, Educational Content

April Osheroff-Lambert
Director, Digital Solutions

River (Heidi) Park
Office Manager, Memphis

Alissa Parra
Content Manager

Michelle Perkins
Programme Associate, UK

Kerry Peterson
Event Production Manager

Michele Phillips
Program Director, Memphis

Mysia Pierce-Lewis
Development Assistant, San Francisco Bay Area

Eva Radding
Digital Archive & Library Systems Manager

Jennifer Reiss
Executive Assistant to the President

Isabel Rodriguez Lopez
Manager, Online Communities

Aneira Roose-McClew
Content Developer

Anna Romer
Associate Director, Evaluation

Lauren Rosenberg
Director of Development, Chicago

Staci Rosenthal
Program Associate, Jewish Education

Vanessa Rossi
Associate Director, Design

Rose Sadler
Program Associate, New England

Leora Schaefer
Executive Director, Canada

Evan Scheidegger
eLearning Multimedia Designer

Molly Schen
Director, Program Growth & North America Project

Karen Scher
Senior Program Associate, New York

Monica Serrano
Grants Writer, Chicago

Sarah Shields
Senior Program Associate, Chicago

Dan Sigward
Editorial Director

Thomas Simpson
Digital Marketing Specialist

Jeannette Slater
Office Manager, Canada

Jeff Smith
Coordinator, Resource Speakers

Kaitlin Smith
Marketing and Communications Writer

Sam Snodgrass
Assistant, Board and Leadership Relations

Jocelyn Stanton
Program Director, Staff Development

Franklin Stebbins
Senior Program Associate for New Jersey Growth and Strategy

Sydney Stewart
Program Coordinator for Staff Development & the Office of the Chief Program Officer

Sarah Stuart
Senior Program Associate, Memphis

Alex Sullivan
Director, Data Management

Bryan Susman
Program Associate, Jewish Education

Mark Swaim-Fox
Executive Director, Cleveland 

Erin Tackney
Digital Content Producer

Laura Tavares
Program Director, Organizational Learning & Thought Leadership

Paul Tembo
Data Analyst

Dustin Tenreiro
Senior Program Associate, New England

Marti Tippens Murphy
Executive Director, Memphis 

Tim Toeum
Accounts Receivable & Payroll Manager

Christine Torre
Office Manager & Development Specialist, Los Angeles

Gabby Urbina
Program & Office Coordinator, Cleveland

Matthew Vincent
Associate Director, Donor Communications & Engagement

Liz Vogel
Executive Director, Los Angeles

Valerie Weagle
eLearning Instructional Designer

Eve Weinberg
Library Services Assistant

Emily White
Assistant Director, Data Management

Ben Wiener
Institutional Partnerships Specialist

John Williams
Director, Organizational Budget Analysis

Jasmine Wong
Senior Program Associate, Canada

Jennifer Woodman
Development Operations Assistant

Anna Kathryn Word
Director of Development Memphis

Max Wright
Product Manager

Emma Yuen
Development Administrator, UK

Erez Zobary
Program Specialist, Canada

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