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Since 1997, the San Francisco Bay Area office has grown a network of over 7,000 middle- and high-school educators throughout the Bay Area. Our deep work with teachers reaches more than 520,000 students each year in 997 public, independent, and religious schools.


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This grant is for teams of educators from Northern California schools to attend a local seminar in the summer of 2020 and recieve professional development and teaching resources valued at more than $10,000!

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Get to know our work through stories told by teachers, students, scholars, and partnering organizations.

Am I Doing Enough?

Facing History alumna Veronica Cañas shares the journey that started with a poem in her 10th grade history class and transformed her into a student of the world and an upstander for others.

Facing History Now

Facing History confronts the challenges of current events.

Facing History in 60 Seconds

There are many classes that teach science, math, and English. There’s only one that teaches us to be more human.


Facing History, San Francisco Bay Area Advisory Board


Judy Goldman, Chair*

Ida Abbott
Caretha Coleman*
Edda Collins Coleman*
Asha S. Collins, Ph.D.
Barbara Elsberg
Debra Engel*
Sandra Feldman
Kaye Foster
Diane Holt Frankle
Michael Gallagher
Marina Gorbis
Barbara Harriman
Judy Heyboer**
Marianne Jackson
Vasu Jakkal
Rosemary Kamei
Christopher Lovest
Deborah Mueller
Laura Murawczyk
Joni Podolsky
Barbara Reiss-Snyder
Joshua Reynolds
Joyce Reynolds-Sinclair, Ph.D.
Susie Richardson*
Mansi Shah
Connie Shapiro**
Paul Sinclair
Alejandra Siroka
Barbara Sonneborn
Sharman Spector-Angel
R. Zachary Wasserman
Hon. Rebecca Westerfield (Ret.)
Jayne Williams
Alberto Villaluna
Jane Zinner
Gloria Brown, Emeritus
Dennis Driver, Emeritus
Karen Kronick, Emeritus
Hal Luft, Emeritus

* Board of Directors
**Leadership Council

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