When We Open Up, We Can Lead with Empathy and Compassion

Imagine a world guided by knowledge, compassion, and making connections. That’s the world we’re building at Facing History and Ourselves.

Our rigorous curriculum uses the lessons of history — and history in the making — to equip teachers to provide students with the skills to think critically and wrestle with difficult issues. Simply put, our content sparks students’ desire to look beyond themselves and participate in the broader world.

At Facing History and Ourselves, we are creating future generations of engaged, informed, and responsible decision makers who when faced with injustice, misinformation, and bigotry, will stand up for justice, truth, and equality.


Get Prepared to Spark a Connection

Starting a conversation that pushes you out of your comfort zone is the first step to making a connection. We suggest that you start with the following resources. While originally created for educators, these classroom resources can be used in any setting.

About the Project

The Spark A Connection Project began in early 2018, when the leaders of three Memphis-based non-profit organizations, BRIDGES, Facing History and Ourselves, and the National Civil Rights Museum, met for lunch to tackle an existential question: In an era marked by collisions of political, cultural, and institutional crises in America, how can we inspire people to see the humanity in one another?

From there, they embarked on a creative journey with award-winning filmmaker Matteo Servente to create an artistic short that would inspire empathy, challenge stereotypes, and encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints to not just talk about their differences, but to seek understanding.

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