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Our international work advances civic education globally with educators, administrators, and representatives from non-governmental organizations and major institutions.

Our footprint is global. Facing History has educational partnerships around the world, including Northern Ireland, Israel, South Africa, and China.

Facing History works with educators from over 110 countries—from Mexico and Colombia to Australia and Kuala Lumpur. We contract with schools, districts, museums, and other organizations around the world to provide professional development on-site for teachers and faculty, and offer online professional development and support including online courses, workshops, and webinars. 

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In Mexico City, a Principal Reflects on Her Choice to Adopt Facing History


Our work in Northern Ireland and South Africa has inspired revisions in country-wide school history curricula, including Northern Ireland’s 2007 revision that required educators to teach about the current conflict and its legacies, and two revisions of the South African curriculum, which included requirements to teach content influenced by Facing History (the Weimar Republic and the Holocaustrace science and eugenics, and the United States civil rights movement), as well as the methodological approach, emphasizing an exploration of human behavior, decision-making, and the use of democratic methods in the classroom. 

Facing History in South Africa

Following the end of apartheid, Facing History and Ourselves partnered with the Western Cape Education Department and the Cape Town Holocaust Centre in 2003 to form an extraordinary program called "Facing the Past – Transforming our Future."  Years later, Facing the Past is still here and has had a profound impact. Learn more about the Facing the Past program.

Facing History in Northern Ireland

Facing History and Ourselves' collaboration with the Corrymeela Community, "Facing Our History, Shaping the Future," inspired teachers at two schools to work together across the divisions that dictate so much of Northern Irish life. Read more about the the students' final project, "1916: A Tale of Two Stories."

Facing History in China

The China Project was created by Facing History and Ourselves in 2007 to help promote deeper cross-cultural engagement among educators in China and within our global network. We work with educators outside of China to better understand and teach about China, and we work with educators inside China to bring Facing History themes into their classrooms and encourage deeper reflection from their students. The China Project also includes the development of resources on watershed moments in Chinese history, including the cultural revolution, the Nanjing Atrocities, and the Chinese American experience; along with the integration of this content by educators in classrooms outside of China.

China Project Profile

Facing History in the UK

Nearly 1,000 British educators have participated in our professional development programmes since 2005 when Facing History opened an office in London. Our office serves educators across the country and also acts as the organisation’s international hub.

See the UK office page to find out more about how we serve educators and students in the UK and for the lastest events, professional development and news.

Facing History in Canada

Teachers in Canada are embracing the methodology and professional support that Facing History provides and integrating our program into their classrooms. In fact, our Toronto office has provided professional development and resources to more than 2,405 educators in Ontario and across Canada.

Visit our Canada office page for the lastest events, Canada-specific publications, professional development and news.

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