Chicago Schools Alliance

The Chicago Schools Alliance was launched in 2015, grounded in evidence that “whole-school implementation leads to increased teacher effectiveness and commitment, improvements in students’ academic and civic learning outcomes, a safer and more respectful classroom environment, and a transformed school culture.” Today, 29 Chicago Public middle and high schools partner with Facing History for whole school work. 

Facing History invites individual Chicago Public Schools to join the Facing History Chicago Schools Alliance. As a member of the Alliance, Facing History will work with your whole school to develop a workplan each year for three years. The opportunity includes:

  1. Professional Development: Teachers will be invited to attend our workshops without cost.
  2. Follow-Up Support and Coaching: Our team will support your teachers after they attend professional development with curriculum design and ongoing coaching aligned to Chicago Public Schools’ priorities of Common Core and social–emotional learning.
  3. Partnering to Build a Safer and More Inclusive School: Facing History and the school leadership team will partner to develop and support the school’s goals for their community. This could include training additional teachers, supporting school wide professional development or providing additional resources outside of the Humanities classrooms.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Schools will share and learn with other Chicagoland schools about their use and innovations with Facing History and Ourselves.


Thanks to the support of generous funding partners, we are pleased to be able to waive all fees for participation in this project.

Facing History Commitments:

  1. Professional development at no cost for:
    • Humanities teachers on core content.
    • School and instructional leaders on networking opportunities.
  2. Program associate consultation with school leadership to develop and implement a vision, aligned with existing schools goals, related to school culture and Facing History and Ourselves.
  3. Special events and conferences for all members of the Chicago Schools Alliance to network and learn from one another.
  4. Follow up support and coaching for Facing History and Ourselves-trained teachers from Facing History staff.
  5. Facing History will celebrate and promote the school’s successes on social media.

Alliance School Commitments:

  1. Principal identifies a leadership team for the school and commits to both participating themself and to teacher participation in professional development and network events.
  2. Leadership team meets with Facing History and Ourselves program staff and communicates regularly.
  3. Multiple humanities teachers attend qualifying professional development and teach case studies in full scope & sequence 3+ week units.
  4. The school shares successes and challenges in order to contribute to a conversation among schools in the Facing History Chicago Alliance Schools network.
  5. The school acknowledges Facing History and Ourselves as a source of professional development and curricular resources and includes the Facing History logo on their website. 


Any Chicago Public School principal or school leader is invited to apply.


The application period for the 2018 - 2019 School year is now closed. 

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